14th October, 2003 Volume 17
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Is it time that you took a good hard look at your computer network layout?

Hardware firewall/router units have nearly halved in price during the last 12 months making my wireless unit feel redundant. However the advantages of Dynamic IP allocation for network simplicity, wireless connection, print server and of course the protection from the internet baddies lets me rest in peace knowing I purchased a good investment.

Such hardware reduces network maintenance time supplied by IT professionals in keeping simplistic network servers up and running.

Another 2 cents from the money box...

Yours sincerely,
Adam Ransley

MYOB - Great deals until December


Buy and register MYOB BusinessBasics, MYOB Accounting or MYOB FirstEdge from 28 September 2003 to 31 December 2003 and receive a BONUS Panasonic cordless phone (RRP $89.00)!


Buy and register MYOB Accounting Plus or MYOB AccountEdge from 28 September 2003 to 31 December 2003 and receive a Panasonic Digital cordless phone (RRP $139.00)!

Buy and register MYOB Premier from 28 September 2003 to 31 December 2003 and receive a BONUS Panasonic Digital cordless phone (RRP $279.00)!

This offer is not available for upgrades. Please allow for 30 days for delivery of your phone. The BONUS Panasonic cordless phone is not available in conjunction with any other offer, incentive or giveaway on MYOB products.

New ADSL Plans - Australia Wide
Connect to one of our Flat Rate Plans during October and you will receive a FREE DLink modem worth $140!

ADSL is rapidly becoming the standard business grade internet connection in Australia. Calido has partnered with the largest ISP in the Asia Pacific region and can now offer you personalised service with your internet connection (99.9% uptime Service Level Agreement on business plans).

Why wait on hold or spend minutes navigating annoying menu's when you can talk directly to us - if you have a problem with your connection, contact Calido direct and we'll get you back up and running in no time at all.

Prices start at $44.95 per month including 500 MB of data, but if data is what you want, check out the unlimited download plan!

Fixed Data Plans:
Home ADSL 256/64 (inc 500MB)$44.95 /month
Home ADSL 256/64 (inc 2Gb)$64.95 /month
Home ADSL 512/128 (inc 1Gb)$64.95 /month
Home ADSL 512/128 (inc 3Gb)$89.95 /month
Home ADSL 1500/256 (inc 5Gb)$149.95 /month
Home ADSL 1500/256 (inc 10Gb)$249.95 /month
   (excess data charged at 14.9c per MB)

Unlimited Data Plans:
Home Flat Rate 256/64 (unlimited data)$84.95 /month
Home Flat Rate 512/128 (unlimited data)$99.95 /month
   (unlimited data with no time limits)

How much will it cost me to connect to ADLS ?

You will have to pay a once off connection fee of $99, plus the ongoing monthly charges. (With the free modem offer the contract length is 6 months.)

In the minority of cases where your existing phone point does not support ADSL (and it can't be activated from the exchange), you will have to organise telstra to upgrade the line - this is the exception rather than the rule.

If you would like onsite assistance setting up your computer/network to use the adsl connection, we will quote depending on your network complexity.

An average installation will cost:

Setup Charge $99
Monthly ongoing $84.95
ADSL Modem with Flat Rate Plans $free during October
Total cost for 6 Month contract
- includes unlimited data

Comet - 44 Days and Still Going Strong...
One installation of Comet has been running our production management server for 44 days straight - and its still going strong!

Thanks to the stability of Microsoft SQL server, there has been no reason to interrupt the flawless operation of our software giving a good indication of its stability.

This particular server also captures real time job information using touch screen technology where employees select jobs to complete as if working from a job sheet. Behind the scenes, real time information is captured for productivity, real time product costing and of course current stock control.

Our software is designed for performance and stability as these are the key factors for the successful operation of any software. Without stability, software can be extremely hard to use and without performance, you question if it is any quicker than using pen and paper.

Netgear Wireless Router + Free Wireless PC Card
When you connect your cable/DSL modem to the NETGEAR MR814 Wireless Router, you'll enjoy wired or wireless Internet access for all your computers and be assured of protected communications on your home or small office network!

This 3-in-1 Router + Switch + Wireless Access Point is a base station that allows you to share your Internet connection, files and printers with other computers on the network. Your communications and network are secure from hackers and wireless eavesdroppers because they're shielded with Network Address Translation (NAT) Firewall. Internet activities are always safe because Web-address filtering gives you control over any contact network users have with Web sites.

Not only that, there's also a free, full-version of FreedomTM Personal Firewall software included (for 8-PCs, a $240 value) to block ads, manage your passwords, and prevent applications from sending your personal information over the Internet. And thanks to the unique Smart Setup Wizard, you'll install this router with ease.

The recommended retail price of the MR814 alone is $299, but we can offer you this fabulous unit for ONLY $199 INCLUDING A FREE MA521 PC Card - Offer valid whilst stocks last and prior to 30/10/03. (Courier delivery is $8.80 extra.)

Hardware Specials *
Hitachi 60GB HDD, ATA/100, 2MB cache, 1 year wty $118
Western Digital 80GB JB HDD, 8MB cache, 3 yr wty $139
Benq 19" P992 Flat Screen Monitor, 3 year o/site wty $385
AOPEN F75PS 17" LCD Monitor with speaker- 16ms $699
128 Mb Kingston SD RAM PC133 $44

* Prices subject to change/availability.

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